Chance the Rapper Dropped a Gem Last Night at the Grammys

Independent artists need to follow Chano’s moves.

Written By Vinny Guarino

First off, huge props to Chance for winning his first couple Grammys last night. Ever since he released Acid Rap in 2013, he has been a bright light in hip-hop and music in general. He deserves the recognition as much as anyone else in the genre.

With that said, it’s 2017 and kind of odd that the big award he won was ‘Best New Artist’. That goes to show you how out of touch the Grammys are with hip-hop. Anyway, Chance seems like the kind of guy who doesn’t care about details like that. He comes from gritty Chicago where few make it out, let alone become mainstream musicians.

One of the best things about Chance’s come-up is he has taken the independent route. He talked about it in his speech a little bit — take a moment and watch Chano give thanks.

“I wanna thank God for my team. I know a lot of people think independence means you do it by yourself. But independence means freedom. I do it with these folks right here.”


Sorry guys, I can’t contain my excitement for an artist who so freely expresses his self without regard for what the traditional, reliable practices in rap are. He doesn’t chase trends in hopes to be recognized by the gatekeepers — he just does his thing and the awards follow him because he’s that good.

Every independent artist on the grind needs to pay attention to how Chance works. Put your music first and don’t compromise it for anyone. Elevate the people around you. And if the Grammys want to give you an award four years late, just roll with it!

Hopefully the next thing on Chance’s to-do list is to get in the studio with Childish Gambino. It’ll be his decision, of course.