Why Can’t We Be Friends (Wait, Are They?)

Well, that didn’t last long.

-Written by Alec Baicher

The feud between James Dolan and Charles Oakley appears to be over thanks to Michael Jordan and Commissioner Adam Silver.

On a conference call today, the commissioner and NBA legend helped diffuse the situation between Dolan and Oakley. Not only was this an absolute embarrassment for the organization, it was a mess for the NBA. As much as everyone loves to mess with the Knicks, they are indeed an esteemed franchise to the NBA.

Nothing in New York goes unnoticed. This was seen by everyone around the country and it was a mess and a half. Dolan should have NEVER went on Michael Kay (rule #1 of New York, you do Francesa, not Michael Kay) and spewed out everything that he did. Dolan essentially called Oakley an alcoholic which is one of the worst characterizations you can give someone.

Dolan also said he was going to honor all of Phil Jackson’s contract, which may have been a crazier comment (I kid, I kid). All in all, Dolan proved that he is a completely inept owner and completely out of touch with this team and his fan base,

Am I happy this is resolved? Sort of. It leaves a weird stench to me. Adam Silver has been a fantastic commissioner since he took over for David Stern. He’s essentially done everything right. Getting Jordan in this conference call to help diffuse the situation was great for the NBA, but for Knicks fans, it’s almost like the smug asshole James Dolan got his way and Oakley doesn’t have a say. It’s going to be extremely awkward when they sit at a game together and sing kumbaya because the commissioner told them too. When push comes to shove, the Knicks fans will still hate Dolan and we will still love Oak.

I truly believe Oakley had a ton more to say about Dolan and this is why Silver and Jordan stepped in. Will we ever find out? Well, I sure as hell hope Oak is starting on his autobiography, it’ll be dope.

P.S. Michael Jordan is basically god at this point. Best player in NBA history, best shoe brand in sports history/maybe in the history of shoes, beats the Monstars AND diffuses a situation between a smug rat owner and one of the meanest big men the NBA has ever seen. Keep doing you MJ, keeping that hoop earring in style!