Breaking News: Darrelle Revis Involved in Altercation at Pittsburgh Bar, Charges Pending.

-Written by Alec Baicher

Well, the offseason is no longer quiet for the New York Jets. Reports are coming out of Pittsburgh that Darrelle Revis was involved in a physical altercation at a bar last weekend involving five others.

It was originally reported that Revis was attacked by five people and sustained injuries which he was being treated for. However, within the last hour it has been revealed that Revis has charges pending on this attack and he was indeed the aggressor.

According to the Pittsburgh Police Department, Revis pending charges include “robbery, terroristic threats,  conspiracy and aggravated assault”. The rest of the details can be seen below in the tweet by Albert Breer:

Well….I don’t even know what to say. Revis on the field last season was abysmal. He was a shell for his former self and at times lacked the effort and intensity that once earned him the nickname “Revis Island”. The Jets were most likely going to cut Revis or ask him to take a paycut, as the Jets salary cap situation was a little messy going into this offseason. This now solidifies that Revis will not be a Jet. The Jets have to cut him at this point with all these charges pending. Terroristic threats, conspiracy? It’s crazy to read. Revis never seemed like the type of guy to engage in activities like this but you never know.

I was a huge Revis fan all my life but stuff like this puts a dark cloud over athletes. They sometimes forget they are human, as well as the fans. This is UNACCEPTABLE from a premier player in the league. The Jets need to cut Revis ASAP. I realize the full story isn’t out and we will hear it in the coming days, but these charges are serious. If they don’t cut him they will continue to be the laughing stock of the league and be described as a team with no control. Do the right thing Woody, Mac, and Todd….