DaveMan's Quote of The Week I

Written by DaveMan

Welcome to the newest weekly segment on Hot Salad World; coming to you every Friday, "The Quote of the Week."  "The Quote of the Week" has a rich history dating all the way back to the days of high school. A once secret society that was originated in a BBM group will now be expanding its brand to the general public through the avenue of Hot Salad World.

These quotes will cover a variety of topics, ranging all of the way from movie quotes to random one liners that I have picked up over the years. As you will find out delivery is key when using many of these lines so be sure to follow closely. I have decided to start out with a personal favorite of mine:

Quote: "Classic mixup" 

Country of Origin: The Hangover

Description: Simple but sweet, "Classic Mix-up", is a true triple threat in the one liner game. A line that can be used to respond to just about anything. For perfect delivery look the person in the eye, say the line and look away.

Used in a Sentence: