Throw Away Your iPhones — the Nokia 3310 Will Be Relaunched in 2017

Written by Vinny Guarino

Nokia plans to remake and release one of the toughest and most popular phones in history, the Nokia 3310. This thing ain’t no joke.

Some of the features, you might ask?

The 3 Big C’s:

  • Call
  • Clock
  • Calculator

We can’t forget the gameplay either:

  • Snake II
                                             So classic that it’s available in the App Store.

                                            So classic that it’s available in the App Store.

  • Space Impact
  • Bantumi
  • Spairs II

But onto the biggest two selling points:

  1. The Nokia 3310 is tough. The thing won’t break. People are still using these phones that they’ve had since 2000. Want one? It’s $300. Why? Because people know the 3310 is HOT right now.

2. The Nokia 3310 has a ridiculously long-lasting battery. I’m talking 260 hours of standby. This thing will stay on for almost a month! I’m starting to think Steve Jobs gets WAY too much credit. Hollywood folks spent $30 million on a 2-hour movie about a guy whose phones turn off inexplicably when they have 48% battery left. I’m thinking the geniuses up in Nokia’s Copenhagen offices need a movie of their own.

I’ll get my Hollywood connects on the line and see where we can take this.

In the meantime, if I haven’t convinced you yet — I’ll let these quirky phone covers do the rest of the talking.

                                                                        I rest my case.

                                                                       I rest my case.