I Just ​Fixed the NBA All Star Game

Written by Alec Baicher

Over the weekend, the leagues best players gathered to play the most meaningless basketball game you have ever seen in your life. Yes, more meaningless than your pickup game at your local rec center where you ball up for respect. The NBA All Star game is a glorified open practice for fans to pay hundreds of dollars to see an awful product on the floor. (Disclaimer: the players are amazing, the product, AKA the game itself, is awful). It's a shame because the rest of All Star weekend is so well put together and the best in sports. NBA All Star Saturday night may be one of the most fun nights of the year. 

The Western Conference All Stars beat the Eastern Conference All Stars by a score of 192-182. That is 374 combined points in a basketball game. From the outside, fans want to see scoring. Did fans see scoring? Absolutely. Did fans see players walking up the court and not even moving to play defense to see dunk after dunk and 30 foot three pointers shot from everywhere? They sure did. However, it was completely un-enjoyable.

The one aspect we were looking forward to was the Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook dynamic and that alley-oop pass from Durant to Westbrook couldn't even make the game interesting. The game itself has boiled down to a glorified practice.

Fear not, NBA and NBA fans, I know how to fix this!

Make the game count and PAY UP: 

To make this a game again this needs to count for something. I don't like how the MLB All Star game counts for home field advantage, that takes away from the better team in the World Series in some cases. But, the game should count for something for the players.

Now, what is the one thing that makes the world go round? I think Wu-Tang clan said it best when they stated "Cash Rules Everything Around Me, C.R.E.A.M." Yes, make this game for cold, hard cash for the players. Cha-ching!

Let's be real here, NBA players are currently more overpaid than any other athletes in the world. I am not taking away from how hard they work and how grueling an NBA season is, but you cannot sit here and tell me Joakim Noah deserves 72 million dollars over 4 seasons and that is considered a BARGAIN. I almost threw up when I saw that contract and what others got this summer.

The salary cap in the NBA is going to explode with this new tv deal. Players and teams will be cashing in big time. So, in my response, I am asking the NBA to pay up. Make the game for money. I want to see the best players in the league going hard against each other and putting a product on the court that ALL NBA fans can enjoy. A million bucks to the winning players and coaches for the game and 500k to the losers. You know you will get players to play hard for that.

Hey NBA, I'll take my payment in cash or check for this idea, you can thank me later.

P.S. The NBA All-Star Game was basically saved with a Woj-Bomb (An Adrian Wojnarowski tweet that proclaimed Boogie Cousins was getting traded to the Pelicans during the All Star game and made us all #Woke to the fact that Boogie only played 2 minutes the whole game).

P.P.S. NBA Trade Deadline talk is heating up big time, keep checking in for more NBA trade rumors about the Knicks and other teams!