Twitter Reacts to Future’s New Album

Written by Vinny Guarino

In the past two years, Future has surged in popularity amongst hip-hop circles. The major turning point for his career was when he released the 56 Nights mixtape in 2015. It was a dark project — based on the fact that his close friend DJ Esco was imprisoned in a Dubai jail for 56 nights. Future rapped and sang about indulging in the trap lifestyle completely.

While Future’s lyrics implied that he was losing himself as a person — the career-catapulting success of 56 Nights implied that he was experiencing a glorious rebirth as an artist. Since then, he has released two #1 solo albums (DS2 & EVOL) along with another #1 album in collaboration with Drake (What a Time to Be Alive).

That’s why people are buzzing about Future’s new self-titled album. He’s amazingly consistent. There are some artists that do the same type of thing over and over again to the point where fans tire of them and hope for some experimentation next time around — with Future it’s the opposite. He’s carved such a good style that I hope he doesn’t go too far into left field anytime soon.

Scrolling Twitter the past few days since the release — it seems like a lot of people feel the same.

I LOL'd.

Yikes. These tracks do bang though.

I think I found my new favorite meme.

120 days till summer!

This album would probably be too fuego for someone who's never heard music tbh.



We are not worthy…