Burger King Buys Popeyes For $1.8 Billion

Are We Excited About This?

Written by Paul Gogliormella
 This is a bigger merger since the ABA and                                  NBA merged

This is a bigger merger since the ABA and                                  NBA merged

Some news came across my desk yesterday that Burger King and Tim Horton's have just bought Popeye's.  Before we get started, lets get one thing clear: I don't give a fuck about Tim Horton's. With that being said, lets explore the potential ramifications of this merger.

I'm not going to lie to you guys, the first time I tried Popeye's was yesterday, and let me tell you, I loved it.  The biscuit was flaky, the chicken was crisp, the sauce was tasty, and the staff couldn't be friendlier.  From top to bottom my experience was top notch.

It was all part of the Popeye's experience.

Now, should we worried that with Burger King pulling the strings we might lose some of that magic?  Lest we forget that Burger King is responsible for the Whooperito, which might as well be hot garbage wrapped in a tortilla.  They are VERY capable of producing and selling trash.

On the other hand, I APPLAUD Burger King for their innovation.  Along with Taco Bell, Burger King is one of the few large chains that isn't afraid to get crazy with their menu items.  Cheeto chicken fries, mac and Cheeto bites, etc.  Could Popeye's use some of this innovation?  I'm not quite sure yet, only time will tell.

Side note, this could also mean that we could get Burger King and Popeyes in the same building as one of those dual fast food stores, which would be dope......Tim Horton's can come too I guess.