NBA Deadline Day: The Running Blog

-Written by Alec Baicher

Today is the day. Today, at 3pm ET, players will have swapped NBA teams, some will stay, and fan bases will be livid (most likely the Knicks fan base).

Two weeks ago, it didn't look like this trade deadline would be a barn burner. Fast forward two weeks, DeMarcus Cousins was traded to the Pelicans (they actually committed highway robbery to get him), Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, and Jimmy Butler are all being thrown around in trade rumors and Isaiah Thomas is throwing emojis out left and right to start "The Great NBA Emoji War of 2017".

As a Knicks fan, I want moves to be made. I want Derek Rose out of New York and the Knicks to swindle a trade a for another first round pick this year. What I do not want to happen is have the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony for next to nobody. If you trade Carmelo, you trade for him for Boston's first round pick from the Nets, Blake Griffin and picks, or Kevin Love and picks, and I'm not so in-love with my last option (pun intended.).

Check back throughout the blog all day to get my real time reaction on some trades and my inevitable explosion on a Knicks trade or non-trade made later. Happy deadline day NBA fans!

Update 11:30 am: Knicks and T'Wolves Stil talking trade for Rose and Rubio

My thoughts: GET IT DONE PHIL! Rubio would be the perfect point guard for Porzingis to play with. A pass first point guard who has insane court vision would make the Latvian big man happy and would give the Knicks a very reliable point guard at decent price.

P.S. Imagine team Euro out on the streets of NY. Rubio, KP, slick Willie Hernangomez, Kuz. Absolute lady killers in NYC!.

P.P.S. Maybe take Kuz off the list, his girlfriend is a DIMEPIECE (this is how you cover deadline day people.

Update: 3:53 PM ET


Well, once again, the New York Knicks blow ANOTHER trade deadline. The Knicks were apparently asking for more than Ricky Rubio for Derek Rose.

Seriously, Phil? Rubio for Rose straight up would have been a steal for the Knicks. The Knicks are going into the lottery this year and won't be re-signing Rose to the max deal he is looking for, (which is a joke and a half by the way.) Rubio is a pure point guard and would have flourished with Porizingis....Fuck, man.

I'm not upset the Knicks did not trade Melo. His stock is low right now. The Knicks are a mess and the league knows it. Any offers out on the table for Melo really weren't worth the Knicks time. Hopefully, they revisit this in the off-season.

Well, Knicks fans, I guess this is it for this year. They are only worth watching to see Porzingis develop and tank into a top 8 pick hopefully.

P.S. Oakley got invited by LeBron to the Knicks/Cavs game tonight in Cleveland. I hope and pray Dolan is in attendance and Oakley walks up to him and backhands him so hard until he doesn't remember he owns the Knicks. A fan could dream....