-Written by Alec Baicher

The Knicks once again have hit rock bottom. They even may be lower than rock bottom, they are 10 feet under. Last night, Charles Oakley, one of the most esteemed alumni in Knicks history, was thrown out of the game and promptly arrested and charged with three different counts of assault. 

The story here was, Oakley bought a seat at The Garden with his own money, was sitting six rows behind James Dolan, and was apparently shouting things at Dolan for the first 4 minutes of the game.  Dolan ended up getting security to escort Oakley out. 

The thing about Oakley is, he's a big ass dude. Still scary and intimidating as ever. Security tried to escort him and out he started throwing hands at the security guards. It was awesome to see.

Oakley was released from jail on bond and spoke about the arrest. He said he wasn't yelling derogatory comments and Dolan said Oakley even tried to shake hands to fix the relationship, and you guessed it, it didn't work out.

Here's my take. Fuck James. Fuck the Knicks front office. Dolan needs to sell the team, plain and simple. The front office needs to be blown up as well. Did Oakley probably act out of sorts? Yes, but he did what every Knicks fan has wanted to do for so long. Oakley was part of a team from the glory days of the Knicks. Him and Anthony Mason (RIP) were the bad boys of New York and would never let the opponents mess with Ewing, Starks, or any of their teammates. For the Knicks organization to treat him like this AND press charges on him is absurd. The Carmelo Anthony/Phil Jackson saga actually seems normal compared to this situation.

I truly believe Knicks fans are ready to riot. Not in an actual sense, but I truly believe some fans are done putting up with the teams shit. Until Dolan sells the team, Jackson departs, or both, the Knicks may truly start to lose a ton of their fan base. Do the right thing James, sell the damn team.

P.S. LeBron continues to be a savage and the greatest troll in the NBA the past 12 months

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