The Curious Case of the Legacy of Darrelle Revis

-Written by Alec Baicher

Last night, the Jets did what many expected, and informed Darrelle Revis about his impending release. The release will occur on 03/09, making Revis a free agent and able to sig with whomever comes chasing his talents. Revis was due $15.33 million dollars if he was still on the active roster by next week. As we know, Revis also has pending charges stemming from a bar fight in Pittsburgh two weeks ago.

Right when the news came down, I was about to tweet out "Good Riddance Revis!" As I was about to do so, I paused. I came across a tweet by Darrelle Revis:

Revis was an enigma as a Jet if we are being honest. Coming in as a rookie, Revis held out a majority of his first training camp in a contract dispute after being selected 14th overall from Pittsburgh. After his first three seasons, he was drawing comparisons to Deion Sanders, he was that good.

After his third season, he held out until six days before the opening game of the season. This was also the famous ending of Hardknocks: The New York Jets when Rex Ryan ended training camp with Revis showing up, signing, and the entire team embracing him. Two years later, he flirted with holding out again, but did not. After the 2012 season, he was traded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a first round pick that ended up becoming Sheldon Richardson.

Jets fans were so upset when the Jets traded Revis. We knew nothing of Richardson and knew all about the future Hall of Famer. Next thing you know, Revis leaves the Bucs after one season and signs with the Patriots. Our hero has now become our enemy.

Revis then won a Super Bowl with the Patriots (god dammit Pete Carroll why didn't you run the ball!), but he was a free agent after. The Jets just hired a new coach, a new GM, and had a boat load of money. Revis, as always, smelled the money and came back home to the tune of 39 million dollars guaranteed.

2015-2016 was suppose to be special, up until the last game in Buffalo. I honestly believe if the Jets got in those playoffs they would have played in the AFC Championship game, but hindsight is 20/20.

2016-2017 was BAD for Revis. Whether he was injured, didn't care, or had something else going on, we still don't know.  He wasn't the daunted "Revis Island" anymore. He couldn't cover, he didn't want to tackle, and he didn't seem like a leader. He was ripped on by the media, and deservingly so.

His tenure as a Jet now comes to an end, an ugly one, with terrible play on the field, and even worse decision making off the field the past two weekends.

So why did I sit there, questioning myself... what I would tweet?

As I looked back more into it, Revis was a savior of this franchise. He gave the Jets the big name lock down corner that teams were legitimately scared to throw against for years. They got a guy that was proud to wear green and white, even though it was at his own price tag. The thing is, he deserved the money he commanded early in his career. He was as dominant as anyone has ever been at the corner back position. The Jets don't go to back to back AFC Championship games without him. Rex Ryan's defense doesn't work and doesn't become one of the most daunted and feared units in NFL history without him.

So instead, I tweeted this:

This states my confusion. The way Revis went out was a black eye for him, no doubt about it. But, some of my fondest memories of the Jets were because of Darrell. So with that, I say; Thank you Darrelle, I'll see you in Canton the day your inducted into the Hall of Fame.