DaveMan's Quote of the Week IV

-Written by DaveMan

This weeks quote is the result of an unprecedented decision by a bold man, Vince Vaughn, to go blindfolded in the final play of the dodge ball championship. The actual reciter of the quote is non other than Jason Bateman, who takes a break from his usual typecast of being a very uptight and paranoid character, to being the laid back and slightly delirious dodge ball announcer named Pepper Brooks. 

Quote: "That's a bold strategy, lets see if it pays off for him"

Dave Variation: "That's a bold move, lets see how that works out"

Country of Origin: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Description: Like many of the previous quotes of the week, this one can be used in many situations in response to almost any action. Usage wise, it doesn't get much better than Pepper Brooks in dodge ball. I like to respond with this when someone makes an extremely nontraditional move that will most likely have a negative outcome. 

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Drink of the Week:

Beverage: Moscow Mule


1.5 Oz Vodka

.5 Oz Lime Juice

5 Oz Ginger Beer/ Ginger Ale

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