Eddie Lacy Is Fat Because Of Chinese Food

I wish I loved anything as much as this man loves lo mein.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

Eddie Lacy has just signed with the Seahawks.  That's great and all, but when he showed up for a visit he weighed 267 pounds. 267 POUNDS!

For those of you that don't know and are just assuming, Lacy is in fact not an offensive lineman. He is a running back.  Thats 267 pounds of meat weighing pounding down on those knees every time he takes a step.  Takes my breath away.

What's amazing is how he can be consistently gaining weight while also playing one of the most physically demanding positions in the most physically demanding sport.  His commitment is impressive.

Because you see folks, you just don't become 267 pounds over night.  It's a process. After some research on Twitter, it became very clear how this could happen.  Eddie Lacy has a love affair with Chinese food.  Plain and simple.

The Evidence:

My personal favorite is from April 29, 2012, "Craving China food.......AGAIN !!!!!!" Really shows that he is self aware.  Even Lacy himself sees this trend that he just can not stop eating Chinese food.

Now I'm aware that these are just 13 tweets over the span of three years.  Some of you might even be saying, "Hey Paul, I bet you ate Chinese food 13 times over three years!"  Well you may be right, but at least you don't have a paper trail to prove it.