The 2017 NCAA Tournament is About to Begin

 It's the most wonderful time of the year!

-Written by Alec Baicher



It is here! The 2017 NCAA Tournament, aka the best 3 week stretch in sports is finally upon us! And let me tell you, I AM JACKED UP!!!! Last week I gave you all 5 things to do before the tournament started. I hope you did you pre-work and research. We are now officially here. 12:15, Notre Dame and Princeton (NERDS!) will tip off the tourney and start us off. 

The next three weeks will be filled with brackets, booze, babes (ha ha ha just kidding), wings, pizza, etc you name it. Thursday-Sunday for the next two weekends are appointment television. We start off with the first two rounds this weekend. 48 total basketball games. Are you serious!!! *Dickie V voice*.

The weekend after we will see a separation of the best of the best teams when it comes to Sweet 16 and Elite 8 weekend. Will the favorites be marching on? Does Cinderella find her slipper in Phoenix in the Final 4? Next weekend is some of the best basketball you will see in the college game. Granted, that weekend is a total of 12 games, it's all about quality of quantity later in the tournament. 

Finally, Final 4 weekend in Phoenix. The ultimatum for this year's college basketball season. What a ride its been already. Every year, people seem to say its the best bracket we've seen. For me, I truly believe this bracket has the best and most talented teams we have seen in a while. There are legitimately 8-10 teams I can see hoisting the trophy on April 3rd. All I know is, the next 3 weekends are purely dedicated to watching basketball, drinking beers at the bars with my buddies, and hoping my bracket doesn't implode by 4:00 pm tomorrow, Cheers college basketball fans, we made it!

P.S. Bracket is below. Real high chance none of you care who I picked, it and weep! (And don't come crawling back when I have the perfect bracket):


P.P.S. St. Patrick's Day and March Madness is a killer combo. Remember to hydrate!