Best Parts About Drake’s ‘More Life’

Is it a playlist or an album?

-Written by Vinny Guarino

1. Drake Fully Embraces England’s Rap Scene

Aubrey’s never shy about showing love — whether to the hottest R&B songstress or to a bubbling underground movement. By prominently featuring UK artists like Giggs, Skepta, and Sampha — Drake gives his famous stamp of approval. There was a time when British rap was seen as a joke in the US — that seems to be coming to an end. Their accents are no longer a big barrier of entry. And Drake embracing their slang like ‘ting’ and ‘wasteman’ is sure to make these phrases the wave in the States soon.

2. J Lo’s Classic “If You Had My Love”

Is Jennifer Lopez the new Rihanna in Drake’s eyes? You better believe it. On the opening track, Drake talks about his drunk texts failing to send because she got a new number. And on “Teenage Fever,” Drake characterizes his relationship with J-LO as surreal because he had a teenage crush on her. The subject of his verse would be blurry if not for overt sample of Lopez’s “If You Had My Love.” How’s that for a taste of your own medicine?

3. Kanye Channels his Graduation Flow


On The Life of Pablo, West rapped from the perspective of a disappointed fan, “I miss the old Kanye, straight from the ‘Go Kanye, chop up the soul Kanye…” Well, on “Glow,” we don’t get the lovable Kanye from The College Dropout era, but his verse sounds like it could have been lifted from Graduation recording sessions. He rhymes, “Remember doing shows, aint nobody show up?/Pour your heart out, ain’t nobody show love?” Leave it to Drizzy to bring Yeezus back down to Earth.

4. Paul’s Bold Prediction #2 Comes True!

People thought Paul was crazy for predicting that the recorder would make a comeback. We spoke soon after he made the post and he even questioned his own prediction. Well, take a listen to “Portland” with Quavo and Travis Scott and you’ll hear the prominent instrument is the recorder! Hate to say we told you so.

5. Young Thug Raps In English

I’m a huge fan of Young Thug and the fact that he never cares if you can tell what he’s saying. Mumble rap doesn’t begin to cover his territory, but Thugger strips his antics down on “Sacrifices” to rap clearly and audibly. Kind of ironic that sounding normal is more of an artistic risk for the Atlanta rapper than recording something mostly incoherent. Nice change of pace for Jeffrey.

There’s much more to breakdown from the playlist, but these were the standouts for me on the first run.

Happy Listening!