Drake Uses A Recorder On New Song....Guess Who Predicted That?

I'm not saying I'm Nostradamus, but I'm Nostradamus.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

For those of you who haven't listened yet or do not know, Drake released a new album (playlist, whatever it's called,) called "More Life."  On this album there is a song called Portland featuring Travis Scott and Quavo.  What's important about this song you may ask?  Well, throughout the song, the beat heavily features a recorder.

(You can listen here on Spotify if you'd like.)

My loyal followers will know why this is so significant. For those of you not in the know let me fill  you in. 

Every so often I will make a bold prediction on this website, which I naturally call "Paul's Bold Prediction Of The Week."  On my second prediction, I predicted that the recorder would make a rise and become a popular instrument because rappers will start to use it in their beats.

Don't believe me, check it out for yourself, be sure to note the date it was published. (February 9, 2017 for the lazy.)

With Drake using a recorder, not only does it solidify my prediction as being correct, but this further validates any other prediction I make in the future.  I have to start playing the lottery, maybe get into black jack.

What's important to note in my original prediction is that I am NOT confident.  In fact, I state, "I don't know, I'm probably wrong on this one, but the idea of the recorder sweeping the nation makes me giggle."

Let this be a listen to all you kids out there reading this right now.  Go with your gut.  Trust your instincts.  Who knows, maybe you'll predict the next wave.