Jets Sign Josh McCown to One Year Deal

SUPER BO...we still suck

-Written by Alec Baicher

Well folks, looks like the Jets found their starting quarterback for the upcoming season. Josh McCown, career veteran backup, signed a 1 year/6 million dollar deal with the Jets yesterday.

Presumably, cCown is the odds on favorite to win the quarterback competition between Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. McCown, who will be 38 in July, has played for the Cleveland Browns for the last 2 seasons and has went 1-10 as a starter for the Browns. Granted, the Browns have been a HORRENDOUS team the past two seasons, McCown has played well in games he's played with the surrounding cast he was given. What scares myself and other fans about McCown, is that his career record is 18-42 as a starter. Check out the rest of his stats below:

Listen, the Jets aren't going to be good this year. Plain and simple. I'm actually really happy the Jets brass finally came out and said they are in a full rebuild mode. They should be. Until Tom Brady retires, the Jets aren't winning the AFC East. This is just a fact. I would LOVE to say I have a glimpse of hope every year that MAYBE a team like the Jets can take them down. Nope, the Pats have sucked the life out of me as a Jets fan the past two seasons. Seeing Brady hoist another trophy this year was sickening, but I digress.

Back to McCown. As far as the signing, I'm not happy, and I'm not upset either. This signing screams, "Hey, we need a veteran QB to start the first 8 games. Go 1-7, and then we will get to see what Bryce or Hackenberg have." The Jets would be eaten alive by the media (more than they are already,) if Petty and Hackenberg play at the level of JV high school quarterbacks all season long. McCown at least gives them a competitor, and a guy Petty and Hackenberg can learn under him.

All in all, McCown is the perfect "hey, lets tank but try to be competitive quarterback". Behind closed doors the Jets have 0 confidence in Petty and Hackenberg. It's extremely tough to full on tank in New York, so the moves they have made this off season set up fans to believe they picked up some veterans to make the team "competitive." Sam Darnold is lurking at the University of South Carolina for one more season before he enters the draft. If there is a football God, he will give the Jets a top 3 pick that will allow them to pick Darnold in 2018. Hey, what's the worst thing that can happen if we draft a QB from USC?

P.S. Being a backup QB is the best job in sports. McCown has made millions by holding a clipboard, playing in a few games, and being bad. BUT, he's a good teammate and a good competitor. Fake it 'til you make it, right guys?