DaveMan's Quote of the Week III

-Written by DaveMan

This weeks quote was originated by one of the legends of the quote game. Standing at 6' 5, and known for his many classics such as DodgeballStarsky and Hutch, and my personal favorite Wedding Crashers. Member of Hollywoods famed "Frat Pack", Vince Vaughn. 

Quote:"Google it"

Country of Origin: The Internship

Description:This week's quote can be used in response to any question, but is especially effective when you do not know the answer. When used properly this simple suggestion can leave a lasting effect on the individual asking the question. For the most effective usage you are going to want to respond with "google it" then immediately stop paying attention to the person.  


Used in a sentence: (Start at 0:32)

Bonus: Drink Of the Week


Beverage: Blue Lagoon



1 Oz Vodka

1 Oz Blue Curacao

5 Oz Sprite/ Lemonade

Drink Responsibly