Noah Syndergaard to Appear on Game of Thrones This Season

Mets Ace Will Appear as an Extra on HBO's Hit Show

-Written by Alec Baicher


I'm, sorry, but I cannot contain my excitement for this. Noah Syndergaard, my favorite New York Mets player right now, will be playing a role in my favorite tv show, Game of Thrones, this summer. 

Anthony DiComo, beat writer for the the New York Mets, tweeted out today that Syndergaard would be used as an extra in the show this upcoming season. 

Syndergaard joins Connor McGregor as another athlete that will be casted in season seven of Game of Thrones.

As Thrones fans know, we expect this season to be INCREDIBLE. The past 6 seasons have set up for this season to be an all out war and action packed episodes. HBO still has not given us the release date of this season or any inclination of how many episodes there will be, but after falling in a Reddit wormhole I've come to the conclusion that many people believe June 25th will be the air date and this season will be part one of two for season seven, and the first part will be seven episodes. 


The man whose nickname is "Thor", who literally looks like a real life super hero, will be an EXCELLENT addition to the cast this season. When you look at Syndergaard, he is exactly what you picture a Game of Thrones character to look like, minus having zero facial hair. There is nothing that I want to see more than Syndergaard team up with John Snow to take down White Walkers and ultimately rule the Iron Throne. OR, does George R. R. Martin (that sick fuck,) use Noah AS A WHITE WALKER TO DEFEAT SNOW AND OTHERS. I don't know, I'm in full freakout mode about this and fan boying REAL hard. 

All I know is, Syndergaard is a perfect fit for this season and I can't wait to see how he is ultitized. Oh, and he's on the mound today for his first start of Spring Training. #LGM

P.S. sorry for the excessive caps in the article. I'm so damn excited still.