Southeners Are Still Sore Losers About The Civil War

You lost! Get over it!

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

Now listen, if we lived 150 years ago, I could understand being upset about losing the Civil War. Hey I've been upset about losing a game of pick-up basketball at the rec, and no one even died.  But ya know what? I got over it.  IT'S TIME FOR THE SOUTH TO GET OVER IT.

I bring this up because I was recently in Nashville, Tennessee.  You know, the South.  For those of you that have not been to Nashville, there is a street called Broadway where there are a bunch of bars.  Each bar is about four stories high and they have a different band on each floor.  It was great, I loved it.  HOWEVER, there was one moment at one of these bars that stuck out to me.

My friends and I were watching a band and they asked where we were from, to which we responded with, "New Jersey."  Ballsy fuckin' move.  A young lady then approaches me and says, "BOOO, fuckin' Northeners."


I don't want this to seem like she was being vindictive or mean or screaming at me.  She seemed to have a joking tone (I think.)  With that being said, I still thought it was strange.

So what did I say in response to this comment you may be thinking?  I said what any self respecting yankee would say.  I said, "THE CIVIL WAR IS OVER, YOU LOST, GET OVER IT,"  to which she responded with, "THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN."

Kind of a weird interaction right?

What is weird to me is that if I was in a bar in New Jersey watching a band, and they announced, "hey we have some people from Tennessee in the building," the last thing I'd do is approach one of them and say, "BOOO fuckin' Southeners."  It wouldn't even cross my mind.  Hatred or malice for the south takes up zero amount of space in my head.  Do you know how often I think about the south?  Zero.

In a way, it is kind of flattering.  Clearly this Tennessee girl deems us folks from New Jersey special enough that she has to voice her displeasure with our existence.

Also, spoiler alert, the south probably will not rise again.