DaveMan's Quote of The Week V

-Written by DaveMan

This week's quote comes to you live from arguably the most quotable movie of all time. A movie that is up in the rafters in the quotability game, Step Brothers.  I dont know what is more surprising, the fact that I have made it 5 weeks without a Step Brothers quote or that the quote is not recited by Will Ferrell. This quote comes to you from John C. Reilly as Dale Doback

Quote:"Whats done is done,..., are you going to invest or not"

Dave Variation: "What's done is done, (place any action sentence here), or what"

Country of Origin: Step Brothers

Description: This quote should be used when trying to pressure a decision out of someone. Any action sentence can be used in the middle of the sentence, just be sure not to the forget the "or what" for a little extra sting at the end of the sentence. 

Used in a sentence:

Time: 0:35

Drink of the Week:

Long Island Iced Tea


.75oz Vodka

.75oz Tequila

.75oz Triple Sec

.75oz Gin

.75oz Rum

1 Oz Sour Mix

Top with Cola

Drink Responsibly