Did George Foreman Just Call Out Everyone For Being Overweight

Well, that's hard to say

-Written by Alec Baicher

Lets add this onto the list of things I never thought I'd have to blog about.

So George Foreman casually throws out a tweet today that states "Just because our friends are dying doesn't mean we can't shed pounds & live" with a picture of him in what looks like the man cave/trophy area of his house. He's in a suit, looking trendy AF with a t-shirt underneath, and looking rather slim for a 68 year old, former heavyweight boxing champion of the world

I'll be honest, this is the first I've heard George Foreman's name in YEARS outside of using his mini grill to cook grilled chicken in the fraternity house I resided in while in college because I was too afraid to use the actual stove we had in the kitchen. But let me tell you, he came back with an absolute fire take right here. Lets break down the quote:

First of all, I realize George is 68 and all and he's on the latter half of his life, but not all of our friends are dying bro, lets chill with that.

Secondly, George states that just because our friends (his old ass friends) are dying, doesn't mean we can't shed pounds & live. You know what George, you're God damn right!!! I've pushed back the gym countless times the past two to three months with every excuse in the book. I finally took a stand on the scale the other day and realize that no girl down in Belmar, New Jersey is going to want to look at a 5'9'' out of shape Jewish kid with sub-par game and slightly above average looks. So you know what George, I'm going to shed some pounds! And I'm gonna live! But none of my friends are dying...

All in all, this is one of the more absurd tweets we've seen in 2017. BUT, it has me wanting more. Give the people what they want George, more tweeting about how people need to shed those pounds!

P.S. Just went through George's twitter. Absolutely ELECTRIC. Please check it out for yourselves.