Tim Tebow To Play In Grapefruit League Game For The Mets Tomorrow

Jesus is Resurrecting Early This Year

-Written by Alec Baicher

Easter Sunday has come early for the New York Mets. Tim Tebow, A.K.A the second coming of Jesus Christ, will play in a Major League Baseball game for the New York Mets on Wednesday, 03/08 against the Boston Red Sox and reigning Cy Young Award Winner Rick Porcello (shout out to that Jersey Boy!)

Tebow, now 29 years old, decided to make a baseball comeback last year. One of the greatest college football players of all time couldn't make it in the NFL (didn't get a fair chance *cough cough*), and had a great gig on the SEC Network as a college football analyst, decided to make a comeback to the sport that he hadn't play since his junior year of high school. Granted, he was an All-State performer in high school, it seemed inconceivable that any team would take a chance on him, right?

AND THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG! Tebow held a workout for many scouts and teams and frankly, he looked awful. Raw power was there, a powerful arm could be seen, but true baseball instincts were distinctly lacking. However, my favorite team, the New York Mets, decided to sign Tim Tebow to a minor league deal. The deal was only for 100k but still, this deal screamed "Same old Mets", A.K.A this was just going to be for jersey sales, ticket revenue, and merchandise to put into the Wilpon's pockets (still, I hate the Wilpons'...but thank you so much for signing Cespedes!).

When this deal first came down, I was angry and confused. I thought it was a complete publicity stunt and I know the circus that Tebow-mania could create in New York, just look at the 2012 New York Jets. The money wasn't the issue, but I couldn't stand that our cheap owners were making money off him. Now, after he signed, the hype quickly died down as the Mets were in a pennant race.

Fast forward to November and the Arizona Fall League, the top Fall/Winter League where baseball's top prospects gather to get some off-season work in. Tim Tebow was sent there. Another reason to say "Same old Mets". Tebow was atrocious in the first half of the AFL. He looked lost as a player. Then, something amazing happen. Tim Tebow REVIVED A REAL HUMAN BEING! The man was having a seizure, and Tebow ran over, placed his hand on the man's chest, said a few prayers, and BOOM, seizure is gone, consciousness regained. At that very moment, I swayed on Tebow. If this man could revive a guy having a seizure, maybe his work of prayer will help the Mets win a World Series.

So on Wednesday, Tebow will suit up for the Major League club. He will DH, and I am ECSTATIC. Listen, I'm also realistic here. This ain't no "Angels in the Outfield" (he's DHing, of course!). Tebow won't be making the Major League roster this year. He has a LONG way to go. However, I'm not going to doubt a guy that had the greatest post-lost speech of all time that ultimately led to National Championship, a guy that threw for over 300 yards and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in an AFC Wild Card game that his team was a heavy underdog in, and revived a man in the bleachers by praying over him. Tebow has looked a lot better this spring after having a full off-season of working out with Daniel Murphy.

Hey, you never know, maybe Tebow will be playing at Citi Field next year? At the very least, the Mets have God on their side. 2017 World Series winners are a lock, BOOK IT!

P.S. There is a 100% chance Tebow homers tomorrow and breaks the internet, right?