Chelsea Clinton's Spinach Pancakes Belong In The Trash

When Will This Madness End.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

On March 7th, A.K.A International Pancake Day, Chelsea Clinton made spinach pancakes for her family.  

The absolute gall.

I'm all for a healthy lifestyle.  If you're a disciplined, healthy person, that's great, I'm happy for you.  But there's certain lines that you just don't cross.  Pancakes are no place for spinach.  Bottom line.  It's nothing against spinach, spinach is in fact one of my top vegetables of choice, but in a pancake? Nope.  Get it out of here.  To be honest, I'm not even comfortable with the idea of protein pancakes.

FURTHERMORE, I will say I'm all for the mix of savory and sweet.  Want to throw some sausage rolled up in that pancake? Do it.  Want to throw some bacon in there? Yea I'm on board.  But spinach can not and will not be an addition.

Just let pancakes be unhealthy.  If you want a healthy breakfast have some egg whites, throw the spinach in there. 

Who knows, maybe I'll be on the wrong side of history, and I'll look back and say, "How could I have been so close-minded?" But I'm pretty confident on this one.