Martha Stewart Debuts Rick Ross' Cover Art On A Cake

The Cover Art For Rick Ross's Upcoming Album "Rather You Than Me" Made It's First Appearance On a Martha Stewart Cake.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

No Lil' Yachty, you're not the only person who still cares about cover art.

You know that cake tasted good as fuck too.  Who knew Martha Stewart was so cool?  First she MURDERS at the Justin Bieber Roast two years ago as seen here:  

THEN she does a cooking show with Snoop Dogg, which no one seems to know about, but is hilarious.  Now she's teaming up with Rick Ross.  Where is the roof on this thing.

Martha Stewart teaming up with any rapper really is a dream collaboration.  Think about the merging of those two demographics.  Housewives who would have never listened to Rick Ross might give it a listen after seeing that Martha bumps it.  Conversely, Rick Ross fans might now choose Martha Stewarts drapes for their bedrooms, or something like that.  Genius move by both parties.

Also, big fan of the twitter love Rick Ross gave to Martha after she debuted the cover art.