NFL Free Agency is Off to a ROARING Start, But The Real Winner Is Adam Schefter

Schefty Running Laps Around Every Reporter Out There.

-Written by Alec Baicher

So today, the NFL calendar year officially flipped, meaning free agency officially began at 4 pm ET and players were allowed to sign with new teams, and be released. Teams and players were able to discuss contracts and options in the days leading up in the "legal tampering period", so here is a quick little recap of the NFL moves made today, and let me tell you, there were A LOT:

-The Giants got a steal in getting Brandon Marshall for 2 years and 12 million. If you're a Giants fan and disagree with me, kindly go kick rocks.

-The Brocketship, Brock Osweiler, might touch down in Cleveland, or might not? Brock sucked so much last year that the Texans traded Osweiler to the Browns to take his 4 year 72 million dollar bum ass and a 2nd round pick in the 2017 NFL draft for NOTHING (okay, it was for 4th round pick in this year's draft that the Browns gave up, but you get the point). The Browns are now supposedly shopping Osweiler. Brock literally made 21 million dollars for forgetting how to throw a football last season, people forget that

-The Patriots continue to get great players as they sign the top cornerback on the market, Stephon Gilmore. Did they overpay him at $65 million? Well, thats hard to say.

-DeSean Jackson is taking his talents to Tampa Bay. Jameis should be a top 10 fantasy QB now having the options to throw to Jackson and Mike Evans.

-The Jaguars continue to stack their defense with Calais Campbell and AJ Bouye signed to big deals. However, the Jags will continue to be the Jags if Blake Bortles continues to be...Blake Bortles.

-The Eagles finally decided to get Carson Wentz help with the signing of Alshon Jeffrey and Torrey Smith to one year deals. Lots of weapons for Wentz.

-And of course, the Jets have sat there and done nothing. They actually may trade for Brandon Albert (not confirmed yet), but I'm also kind of happy they are sitting back (blog on this after the first wave of free agency!)

Anyhow, that is my obligatory free agency update for all you sports fans. I'll be sure to provide more updates as they come in, but lets get to the point of the blog.

Adam Schefter has won free agency.

Yes, that is correct, Schefty is the swaggiest man in Bristol, CT and its not even close. Schefter just slinging his DUAL iPhones all day long, and he's on set for ESPN all day long announcing deals all across the league. Schefty is running laps around reports. 

The best part of Schefty today was him dropping the bomb of the Brock Osweiler trade during the Duke/Louisville ACC tournament game broadcast. Casually comes in and drops his own version of a "Woj-bomb" on live tv about the Brocketship (can't stop and won't stop saying Brocketship). 

In the coming days, players will be paid, teams will inevitably get better or worse, but just remember, nobody can top Schefter in the NFL free agency period.

P.S. Big time power move for Schefter to upgrade to the dual iPhones rather than having one iPhone and one Blackberry.