Paul Ryan Presents New Health Care Plan With Shitty PowerPoint Presentation

Didn't Realize This Was Eighth Grade History Class.

-Written Paul Gogliormella

In an effort to help explain the new health care plan to replace ObamaCare, Paul Ryan used a PowerPoint to really drive home his key points. 

Classic move.  Every professor knows the best way to get your students to learn something is to throw up a PowerPoint and hope they have enough time to jot everything down.  Just seeing a PowerPoint gave me PTSD flashbacks.  Sitting in a lecture hall, Professor FuckFace up there talking about God knows what, you zone out for five minutes, and BAM you missed everything that was going to be on the final.

The fact that he's using a PowerPoint isn't that funny, but what's funny is that it doesn't even look that well made.  I mean, it looks alright, but not "I'm one of the most powerful people in the free world," good.  You give me a couple Red Bulls, the "Study Time" playlist on Spotify and six hours and I could crank out a better looking PowerPoint than that.

Well hey, at least he didn't use Prezi like some kind of hippie psycho.

Also, Paul Ryan broke the internet's number one rule.  You can't stand by a screen for that long and not expect people to photoshop different pictures on it.