DaveMan's Quote Of The Week VI

-Written By DaveMan

Mistakingly, many people believe this line, or a variation of it was first recited in the Step Brother's Catalina Wine Mixer scene when Derek tells Brennan, "yeah you would like that". Indeed this line's format originates in the smash hit Dodgeball, the first movie with two QOTW's, which came out a whole 4 years before Step Brothers ever hit the streets. This weeks line comes in a heated exchange between White " W.H.I.T.......E" Goodman and Peter LaFleur.

Quote: "Yeah, you will take your chances"

Dave/Step Brothers Variation: "Yeah, you'd like that"

Country of Origin: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Description: Overall I prefer the usage of the variation that is used in Step Brother's, but it is important to remember the full history of the quote which is why I have credited Dodgeball with this line. This quote is a perfect example of the fact that history does sometimes repeat itself.....at least in the one liner game. For perfect usage, recite "yeah you would like that" promptly after someone says something. Timing is huge on this one and it is important to come in with this line immediately after the person finishes their sentence, possibly even cutting them off. When saying this line don't worry about whether this line will make sense, as it always does. One other way to use this is responding with "yeah, you would/will .....(then repeat whatever the person said)"

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