Sean Spicer, United Airlines, And Pepsi Are Having A Stupid Contest

I Can't Tell Who The Winner Is.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

It's been quite a week for stupid people.  Actually it's been a quite a YEAR for stupid people.  Stupid people holding public office, stupid people believing the earth is flat, amongst many other stupid moments.

But lets focus on the most recent stupid acts of stupid people.

The Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial has been talked about to death so I won't go too much into.  I just love thinking about how many people had to watch this commercial and approve it before they published it.  People who are paid MILLIONS of dollars looked at that commercial and said, "Yup, that's pretty good."  Great time to be stupid in America.

But this was just the tip of the iceberg.  In an even STUPIDER move, Unite Airlines overbooked a flight and thus had to kick four people off.  When no one buckled to volunteer for the price of $400 and a hotel room, they upped it to $800. When that didn't work, they took the next logical step and beat the shit out of someone and dragged them off the plane.

Instead of, oh I don't know, offering more money, they thought the only way to solve this is to DRAG a man who paid for his ticket against his will.  Super stupid move.  Congrats for topping Pespi.

After watching these two incidents occur, the King of Stupid People, Sean Spicer, just could not help himself.  He had to show the world who the REAL Sultan of Stupidity is.  Does Spicer announce that 2+2=5? No no that's not stupid enough.  Does he announce that blue is actually spelt "bloo?" No he can do better than that. Spicer says HITLER NEVER USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS........ON PASSOVER.

Oh jeez. Spicy you stupid fuck. THE FIRST THING YOU LEARN ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST IS THE GAS CHAMBERS. HOW DUMB CAN YOU POSSIBLY BE AND STILL HOLD A POSITION OF POWER.  I swear the bar just keeps getting lower and lower.  At what point can we rule someone "too stupid to serve."

Is it sad that this is not surprising at all?  Passover is one of the biggest Jewish holidays celebrated in America.  OF COURSE the Trump administration will make a Hitler comment! I'd be more surprised if Spicer DIDN'T say anything at all.  

Well, Spicer is the reigning King of Stupid for the time being, although I'm POSITIVE one of his buddies will come in quick to take the title back.

Bonus: The Word Stupid Was Used 19 Times In This Article.