Bone-In Wings Are Better Than Boneless Wings

Ya gotta call a spade a spade.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

Let me preface by saying I like boneless wings.  I think they're good and they have a place in the culinary world.  However their DISTANT cousin BONE-IN WINGS are the vastly superior option.

First of, boneless wings aren't even wings.  They're adult chicken nuggets.  I don't know how or why boneless wings were given the "wing" title, but it was a gross mistitle an should be noted as so.  If boneless wings are called "wings" then why aren't chicken fingers?  They're the same thing, just cut into a different shape.

You can't beat that bone-in FLAVOR.  Those boneless nuggets just don't cut it. Something about holding a bone and eating the meat off it is a more!" rewarding experience.

"But PAUL, I don't want to get my fingers all messy!"  Well fuck off then, get a napkin, get over it.

Unless you're on like a first date or something I recommend choosing the bone-in option every time.  You won't be sorry.