Bill O'Reilly Fired From Fox News

Didn't Think It Was Possible To Get Fired From Fox.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

Honestly though, how hard is it to get fired from Fox?  All Bill O'Reilly had to do was NOT sexually harass five women.  But, being Bill O'Reilly he just couldn't resist himself.

O'Reilly is currently on a "vacation," that he claims was previously planed, but this "vacation" is pretty conveniently planned right when reports emerged that Fox paid off the five women $13 million to keep quiet about the sexual harassment allegations.  What a time to get away from it all.

Now that it's confirmed that he will be leaving, the next issue is if he will get to say "goodbye" to his audience. 

I say, FUCK THAT.  You don't get to say bye to anyone dawg! You can't just sexually harass, (allegedly,) five women and then leave with a parade and fireworks!  If O'Reilly worked at Staples, and (allegedly) sexually harassed five coworkers, you think they'd let him say goodbye over the loudspeaker? Fuck that, they'd walk that boy out without even a Sharpie as a parting gift.

Now we just have to worry about who his replacement will be, but honestly anything short of an igneous rock will be better for the world then O'Reilly.

Looks like you "did it live" for the last time, Billy boy.