Trump Doesn't Know Paul Ryan's Name

Classic Passive Aggressive Dominance Move.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

In a speech explaining his "Buy American, Hire American," executive order, Trump referred to Paul Ryan as "Ron" twice.

The video can be seen here.

Oh man oh man, you gotta love that.  Ron isn't even close to Paul, sounds nothing like it.  This mistake can mean a few things: 1.) Trump doesn't give a fuck about Paul Ryan enough to learn his name. 2.) Trump is trying to passive aggressively assert his dominance over Paul Ryan.  3.) He made a simple mistake.

Ok lets rule out number three.  I like to think it's number one.  Trump just sees Paul Ryan as another Johnny Pencil-Pusher and doesn't give two fucks about learning his name.  

And hey, in Trump's defense, Ron Ryan has a little bit of a better ring to it don't ya think?