2017 Jets Schedule Is Released

Time to countdown until the 2018 draft!

-Written by Alec Baicher

Let me preface this by saying I hate that I'm blogging this, but I'm a man of the people, so I need to let the world know what I thought about the NFL schedule coming out 4 months in advance. Seriously, no league has a bigger ego than the NFL. They have ESPN run a whole show on the upcoming season's schedule. They even released the PRE-SEASON schedule a week ago. PRE-SEASON people. Literally nobody gives a single fuck about pre-season football.

The draft is still 6 days away. Teams are not nearly rounded into full form and there is still a ton of OTA's and mini camps and a full training camp to go before we really see what teams are about. As a Jets fan, I am fully prepared to see some bad football this year. We don't have a quarterback and I want to #SuckForSam. Darnold, that is. Without further ado, here is the 2017 Jets schedule and some of my thoughts on it:

- I wrote on Twitter yesterday (shake_n_baich) that the Jets could potentially go 4-1 in the first 5 and I talked myself into it. Well, after resting on this I did realize I was indeed crazy. Going to Buffalo and Oakland back to back is tough. 0-2 right there. The Jets lost both games to Miami last year and they seem to be destined for bigger thing this year. I'll say 0-3. Home vs Jacksonville and away at Cleveland. I hopped on the Jags hype train last year and was VASTLY disappointed (I hate you Blake Bortles, I hate you!) At home I see the Jets squeaking out their first win and then go to Cleveland and steal a game in the Dawg Pound.

-Week 6 home vs New England will be closer than expected. I HATEEEE the Pats, but they will be the best team in football until Brady and Belichick go away, but they absolutely loaded up this off season. Jets will lose that game and go to Miami and lose there just because I have a hard time seeing them going on the road (most likely with Christian Hackenberg, please shoot me now.) and winning this game. Atlanta will run up the score on us because we currently have no secondary. That is 2-6 right there.

-The last two games before the bye are tough. I see the Jets beating the Bills at home. Both teams aren't very good, but I just don't see the Jets getting swept by Buffalo this year. Going to Tampa before the bye is hit or miss because we don't know what the Bucs will be. I'll chalk it up as a loss.

-Going into the second half of the season after the bye week, the Jets are leading the #SuckForSam charge and the end schedule is pretty brutal. Carolina will be better this year and I don't see the Jets stopping Cam Newton.  The Chiefs have been a consistently good football team the past few seasons and are geared up once again for another playoff loss thanks to Andy Reid clock management, and going to Denver will not be fun for a rookie quarterback against one of the most dominant defenses in all of the NFL. 3-9 right now and we are headed to the home stretch!

-Going to the Superdome in New Orleans is no easy task. Brees and that offense will probably be humming and with the Jets' poor secondary, I see New Orleans beating them 42-7. The Jets end their home slate with the Chargers, and former head coach Anthony Lynn brings the LA Chargers (still really weird) to town. The Chargers will be a sexy pick to be a playoff team. Phillip Rivers, however, does Phillip Rivers things and loses a game late in the 4th and the Jets get their 4th win. The Jets end the #SuckForSam Campaign at New England. I swear, if we are in the running for the #1 overall pick and we somehow beat New England this game to ruin it for the Jets, I will stop watching football. Mark it down.

So there you have it. I think the Jets go 4-12, which should be good for a top 3 pick, hopefully the #1 pick. Get me Sam Darnold!

P.S. NFL draft is next Thursday so follow me on Twitter as I bash the Jets front office because it hasn't changed in 4 years(see below)