Kendrick Lamar’s Mom LOVES His New Album

Kendrick's Mom Sends An Emoji Heavy Message. 

-Written by Vinny Guarino

Not only is Kendrick Lamar’s latest album Damn. the fastest selling record of 2017 so far; it has also won major praises from his momma. Check out this text message she sent him after listening to the record.

Anyone who listened to Kendrick’s debut album is already familiar with his parents because they were featured on some very memorable skits leaving messages on Kendrick’s answering machine. It’s cool to see that his family seems to be just as excited about his new album as the die-hard fans she references in this message.

I have two favorite parts of this exchange. First, I love how she said that Kendrick “can make a dog laugh.” I’ve never heard anyone say that before but I think I’m gonna start using it. This album was pretty heavy and covered some deep philosophical topics, too — so it’s nice to see that his mother seems to have gotten a good laugh from the song “Element.”

The other part of the exchange that stands out to me is that Kendrick used the word “brazy” in his response. Kendrick isn’t in a gang — but many bloods replace “Cs” with “Bs” as part of their slang. The fact that he wrote “brazy” instead of “crazy” while talking to his mom is so funny to me — it shows that they can joke around a lot with each other.

According to his song “Fear,” Kendrick’s mom would “beat his ass” for pretty much any reason she could think of when he was a child, but she seems to be a lot more easy-going and fun now that he’s the greatest rapper alive. She definitely raised a winner.