Can You Find The Snake In This Picture?

I can't fuckin' find this thing.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

So apparently, there's a snake somewhere in this picture, and for the life of me, I can't fuckin find it.  Lets see how you guys do:

I can relate to this snake, because I'm like, REALLY good at hide and seek.  I don't know why Hide and Seek isn't an olympic sport, but best believe I'd be somewhere on the starting lineup.  It'd be like me, Whitey Bulger, and Luke Skywalker, and no one would EVER be able to find us.

Also, how come animals have all the cool abilities?  Snakes have camo, chameleons can change colors, penguins can see ultraviolet, and all humans have is the ability to think critically and thumbs.  Not a fair trade if you ask me.

Anyway, if you find the snake, give me some clues, I don't want to be straight up told, but I'd appreciate being led in the right direction.

BTW, here is the tweet that started this hunt if you're interested: