“Colors Berlin” Makes Semi-Underground Artists POP

Cool Videos of New Artists.

-Written by Vinny Guarino

So I just found this YouTube channel two days ago. In short, Colors Berlin posts performance videos of decently-known rappers, singers, bands and more in front a vibrant-yet-plain background. I’m not sure how else to say this but the singular colors they use make the individual artists POP.

                                                                      Anne-Marie, poppin.

                                                                    Anne-Marie, poppin.

In their own words, “Our live shows are very special. Due to our minimalistic, color-changing stage the viewer gets the chance to exclusively focus on the artists and their music.”

I’ve already found a couple new artists on here that I’ve added to my Spotify library including Daniel OG, KIDSOUL, Desta French, and STIMULUS.

So if you trust my taste in music and you’re still rockin with me, sit back and enjoy the show :)

1.) Leading with my favorite one.

2.) Great flow and singing voice.

3.) Nice 90s R&B vibe.


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