Panic City? Not So Fast

Hey Mets Fans, Just Chill Out Man

-Written by Alec Baicher

I need everyone to please look at the calendar. The calendar states today is April 25th. Why is this significant you may ask? BECAUSE ITS STILL APRIL. Mets fans need to chill out, There are 143 games left. Mets fans have seen these past two season that August and September are where the team turns on the jets, even if it agonizes the fan base for the 4 months prior. However, #MetsTwitter (I love each and every single one of you by the way!) is up in arms after this 8-11 start.

Is there a reason to express concern? Of course, I'm not sitting here saying everything is all good in Metsland, but we need to chill just a little as a fan base. The past week and a half was awful, no way around it. A misused bullpen, some bad in-game managing by Terry, injuries to star players, and veterans not playing like average major leaguers have all lead to a 2-8 record in the last 10. I provide some pretty hot takes about my teams but I'm nowhere near ready to pronounce the Mets dead just yet.

However, if I'm Sandy and Terry, there is a ton of roster moves and lineup configurations I would test out in the next few weeks. Below are my thoughts on such.

1. "Don't Be Surprised, Be Ready"- If you're an avid social media goer as I am myself, Mets fans know this is the hashtag that top prospect Amed Rosario uses on Twitter and Instagram. Rosario, the 21 year old shortstop, was recently named the top overall prospect by ESPN's Keith Law and is a consensus top 3 prospect on Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus, and other minor leaguer prospect boards. The guy is ready. He is a 5 tool athlete that will easily become the Mets best defensive infielder. I'm not totally out on Jose Reyes just yet (somehow), but he has shown so much regression this year that he needs to be used strictly off the bench. Shifting Asdrubel Cabrera to 3rd, putting Rosario at SS, Walker at 2nd and having Lucas Duda (barring health) is a decent looking infield.

2. Michael Conforto Needs To Be An Everyday Player For The Rest of Eternity - I have a man crush on Conforto. Plain and simple. I'll say this today and everyday until he retires. MICHAEL CONFORTO NEEDS TO PLAY EVERYDAY FROM THE REST OF ETERNITY. I will say it all day every day. Conforto is a stud. If he isn't the Mets best hitter right now, than he is only just right behind Yoenis Cespedes. Playing everyday will be extremely beneficial to his development. He looks comfortable at every outfield position (I actually think he is a very good center fielder) and his defense is above and beyond better than what was projected when he was in the minor leaguers. He is a future batting champ that should be hitting 3rd in this lineup by MDW.

3. Hit or Sit - Let's be clear here. If it wasn't for the starting pitching so far, the Mets may be in an even deeper hole. The starting rotation is elite. If they stay healthy all year and get Matz back to shift Gsellman to a bullpen that desperately needs another arm, they can be up there with some of the best rotations ever. The thing is, you can't win a ballgame 0-0. The veterans HAVE to hit, or they should sit. It's been Terry's mantra the past few seasons and he needs to take accountability for it. Jose Reyes and Curtis Granderson should not be starters if they are hitting at or below .200. It is unacceptable. Lucas Duda and Travis d'Arnaud should be on this list all season as well, though both have hit well when in the lineup, which is the key. Health has been a huge issue, but productivity and execution by major league ball players has been a bigger problem. The Mets have studs in Rosario, Dom Smith, and Gavin Cechinni waiting in the wings to come up and perform.

4. S.O.S. to the Bullpen - The Mets bullpen has been incredibly overworked. It doesn't help that the Mets have 4 of their first 19 go to extra innings while easing in starters off injuries, but a lot of this bullpen mismanagement falls on Terry. You can trust Addison Reed, Familia, Josh Smoker and Jerry Blevins. The list ends there. I think sliding Gsellman into the bullpen will help and *if* Seth Lugo returns he will be the long man. If these moves don't happen, Sandy will need to make some moves fast.

Well, there you have it. In the words of the great Aaron Rodgers, "R-E-L-A-X", the Mets will be fine! (Until two weeks and this losing streak extends and I go in full blown panic mode.) Get ready #MetsTwitter !

P.S. I'm totally going to regret this tweet