This Week's Playlist Made By Hot Salad World Writers

-Written by Everyone

Vinny's Picks

Gilligan ft. Juicy J & A$AP ROCKY - D.R.A.M

This beat gave me some nerve damage in my neck from rocking back and forth the whole time. Well, I actually already had an issue there but this definitely didn’t help.  DRAM’s on fire right now and he picked the two perfect people to rap on this song with him.

Bad Azz ft. Dom Kennedy, Bad Lucc, and Boogie - Problem

Yes, there is still great G-funk being made on the Left Coast. This song is fresh af. I would love to hear Snoop hop on the remix if they end up doing one.

 Runnin Plays - The Kid Daytona

Banger. Harry Fraud delivered on the production side and Daytona did what he had to do vocally. The verses aren’t anything special, but “Delete the Uber, send ‘em in the Lyft” is a line HotSaladWorld can get behind. RUNNIN PLAYS!

Paul's Picks

Norf Norf - Vince Staples

Ohhhh baby, love this one. Never really listened to much Vince Staples before this song, but I'll tell ya what, the guy is growing on me.  Try to listen to this song and NOT say "North Side Long Beach" all day, you can't do it.

Sweet Talkin' Woman - Electric Light Orchestra

I think we can chalk up Electric Light Orchestra as one of the most underrated bands of all time.  I don't know if people appreciated them in their heyday, but nowadays, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who heard of them born past 1975.  Don't sleep on ELO....don't ever sleep on ELO

Andromeda ft. D.R.A.M - Gorillaz

They're back baby!  This one's got a little funk, got a little soul, and really makes you feel like you intergalactically traveling.  And YOU KNOW my boy D.R.A.M kills the bridge.

Lupia's Picks

Mic Jack ft. Adam Levine - Big Boi

This was a collaboration that really caught me by surprise. The first single off of Big Boi's upcoming album Boomiverse is a jam that features the great work we've come to expect from the Atlanta rapper, with Levine adding some fun, groovy vibes.   

Ice Melts ft. Young Thug - Drake

After they toured together in Europe, it seemed inevitable that these two would link up for a song. When Drake's latest album (or playlist, or mixtape... whatever he's calling it these days) arrived last month, we actually got two Thugger/Drizzy collabs. But while Sacrifices (also feat. 2 Chainz) is solid, the standout is clearly Ice Melts, a perfect track to kick off the summer featuring one of Young Thug's best hooks in recent memory. 

Down for Me ft. 24 hours - G-Eazy & Carnage

I've been a fan of G-Eazy since I saw him open up for Hoodie Allen back in 2013, and it's nice to see him finally getting some recognition after releasing some great work these past few years. His latest, Step Brothers, is an EP with his friend, DJ/Producer Carnage, and Down for Me is definitely the best song on the project. 

Rice's Picks

Time - Hans Zimmer

Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho - Hans Zimmer

Rise - Hans Zimmer

Hans Zimmer is having a moment. Sure, he’s won Grammy’s and Oscar’s for his memorable movie soundtrack, but it wasn’t until this month when Zimmer and his orchestra played Coachella that he became hip with the youth. I may have written an article about his breakout performance; you should definitely check it out.

And because of that, also because I will be seeing Zimmer and co. when his show stops in NYC in July, I spent the past week on a Zimmer-only music binge. It’s been glorious, if you’re wondering. The man has a basically endless catalog of music, and I was very tempted to throw in some deep cuts for the playlist, but I thought better of it.  The tracks I included, “Time” from Inception, “Drink Up Me Hearties Yo Ho” from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, and “Rise” fromThe Dark Knight Rises are instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen either of the movies, and that’s part of Zimmer’s brilliance. Just hearing the notes can so quickly transport us back into the world of the film – from the pulse-pounding action, to the flashes of levity, and evocative and heartfelt moments. In conclusion, the music is dope and hopefully a welcome interlude between heavy electronic dance and rap music in your playlists. 

Alec's Picks

Candyman - Zedd & Aloe Blacc

Another song that came out a year ago but I came across on shuffle. Zedd collabs with some of the biggest stars out there and Aloe Blacc has the voice of a God. The song is a re-imagination of "The Candy Man", a song by American entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. from the 1971 fantasy film Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. While the original is a great song, this one is a certified jam.

No Promises ft. Demi Lovato - Cheat Codes

I heard this song on my commute the other day and couldn't stop tapping my leg. Any song that makes you want to move your body is immediately a great song in my book. The chorus with Trevor Dahl from Cheat Codes with Demi is fantastic and is a great song to play before a night out.

Galway Girl - Ed Sheeran

Another song that came out on shuffle on Apple Music that I did not know about. I think Ed Sheeran is one of the most talented artists out today and produces hit after hit. His new album, Divide, is full of great hits. Peep the entire album and you'll find some gems like Galway Girl in it.

Adam's Picks

Woke Up Like This- Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert

Although Carti's new tape is literally 33% adlibs, this track has been my go-to car jam in the morning to get myself hyped for the day.

Black SpiderMan- Logic

Logic, IMO, is one of the most underrated rappers out right now. He has some amazing work out there, don't sleep on him.

Gassed Up- Nebu Kiniza

Although this one came out back in August, I just came across it recently and haven't been able to stop bumpin'. The verses on it are not anything complex or out of this world. But the chorus is great to sing along with and the beat is nice and melodic.