The Hans Zimmer Hype is Real

Coachella attendees entranced by trippy set from the Award-winning soundtrack composer and his orchestra.

-Written by Bryan Rice

This past Sunday marked the end of the 2nd and final weekend of this year’s Coachella festival. No doubt many attendees have spent the first few days of this week removing the glitter and flowers from their hair, un-bedazzling themselves, and flushing the illicit substances out of their bloodstream while reminiscing on Kendrick Lamar’s ninja-inspired performance to close out Coachella – a far bigger stage for his performance than the Spurrier-Snyder Hockey Rink at Wesleyan University’s Spring Fling 2013 (literally couldn’t find a picture, but this definitely happened).

But we need to discuss the real showstopper of the festival, Hans Zimmer. You may not know Hans Zimmer – Grammy & Oscar-winning soundtrack composer – by name, but if you’ve seen movies like Inception, the Dark Knight trilogy, Pirates of the Caribbean, KUNG FU PANDA!, and The Lion King, you’ve been witness (with your ears) to his straight-majestic compositions.

He brought all the most memorable tracks – along with a pretty kick-ass lightshow and 40-person-deep orchestra – out to the warm night air and swaying palm trees of the Coachella Valley.

Understandably, attendees rocked out – or at least gave it their best attempt.

No surprise they were spellbound by this sublime spectacle (🚨  alliteration overkill 🚨). I highly recommend taking the time and immersing yourself in all three clips from the set:

Hans Zimmer is out here making orchestral music cool AF again. Suck it, Mozart!

Had this been around in elementary school, we might’ve taken music class just a bit more seriously, you know? The teacher had us doing Hot Cross Buns; we had no idea you could melt people’s faces with a cello. 

But seriously, if I was still an athlete, and not ruined beyond the point of repair, there is zero doubt in my mind that this set would get prime placement in my pre-game playlist. Shit, I’d probably have put this on the locker room stereo just to watch the guys’ reactions go from angry, to confused, to intrigued, to LIT over the course of the track.

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out how magnificent it is to watch a bunch of classically-trained musicians go nuts and blow the minds of drug-fueled festival-goers, while being soaked in laser lights. 

Freed from the formal and staid concert halls and orchestra pits they were no doubt accustomed to performing in, Zimmer’s musicians were given the space to express themselves. Whether it was in the form of outfit choices like a crop-top or snapback hat, or dancing along to the music as they played their instruments, they had the spotlight and showed themselves to be every bit the rock stars folks expect to see at Coachella.

…Even the dude playing the accordion with a fake parrot on his shoulder!

The Hans Zimmer Hype Train is here, so get on board before it leaves the stations. Just know that I got in early and will have Pirates of the Caribbean on repeat in First Class.