Trump Has Button That Delivers Him Coke

Coke as in Coca-Cola...What were you thinking?

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

I'm going to preface this with one of my favorite tweets of all time.

That being said, with the 100th day of Trump's presidency approaching, The AP has released a story covering some of Trump's actions.  What stuck out to me in the report was this line, "A man accustomed to wealth and its trappings, Trump has embraced life in the Executive Mansion, often regaling guests with trivia about the historic decor. With the push of a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades, a White House butler soon arrived with a Coke for the president."

Now, you know me, I pretty much take any excuse to make fun of Trump, and he is probably at the top of my most ridiculed people list.  HOWEVER, this is EXACTLY the kind of shit I'd pull if I was the President. I'd have buttons all over my desk to bring me whatever the fuck I wanted.  I honestly can't believe he stopped at Coke.  I'd basically demand that I have one of the machines at the movie theater, where you can customize the flavors and have a Vanilla Orange Sprite if your heart so desires.

Another thing that stuck out was that quote says, "a red button placed on the Resolute Desk that presidents have used for decades."  If Trump is using that button for Coke, what were the other Presidents using it for?  I gotta believe Bill Clinton was using that button for on demand blowjobs.  George W might have been using it for the other kind of coke, Jimmy Carter might've used it for a new sweater?

Lets look at the silver lining here, Trump could be pushing buttons with far worse consequences than bringing him a Coke.  Just let him play with his Coke button, and let the adults handle the rest of them.

P.S Imagine if the button brought him Pepsi? We'd have world peace in no time!