Just The Creme Oreos Should Never Be A Real Thing

Where did we lose our way?

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

For those of you unaware, there was an April Fool's prank that Oreo had released a new product called, "All Stuff, Just The Creme," as seen below.

Now listen, I realize this was a joke, and Oreo isn't really releasing these.  However, I was surprised at the THOUSANDS of people who were all about this idea.

Let me tell you something, this is disgusting.  This is worse then when someone only licks the frosting off a cupcake and then throws away the cake part.

Part of what makes Oreos so great is THE COMBINATION of cookie and creme.  Its like taking cereal away from milk, eating sauce without pasta, eating just the cream cheese and not the bagel.

Having only creme would RUIN how good the creme is!  If you don't have the cookie to compliment the creme, you lose site of what makes the creme so good in the first place.

What Oreo SHOULD DO is come out with a product that has both the cookie and the creme already separated, that way you can make your cookie as stuffed as you want!  You can have that idea for free Oreo, no need to pay me royalties.

With that being said, I'd probably still try the only creme Oreos.