Frank Fleming Is My New Favorite ​Mets Fan

Pure electricity folks

-Written by Alec Baicher

So yesterday was the home opener for the New York Mets and opening day for most of the teams in Major League Baseball. A day that many fans wait all winter for. Hope spring eternal, right?

Well, for Frank Fleming, he was a little late, missed opening ceremonies which for baseball fans, is the best part of opening day.

Watch the video on the article and see for yourself the reaction from Fleming.

My take: WE NEED MORE FRANK FLEMING AND WE NEED HIM NOW! A true spokesman for the people! NJ Transit is TRASH and everyone knows it. Getting to Citi Field from New Jersey isn't the easiest thing in the world and more often than not, the train is delayed. My guy is just spitting straight facts about NJT right now. Electric factory, population: Frank Fleming.

P.S. I was about 30 seconds from getting off the exit to take the train from Secaucus into the game. Would I have been pissed for being late? Of course. But I'm even more upset I missed this live. Someone get me his contact info. Don't want, but NEED him on my podcast