The Knicks STINK At Tanking

I hate this team so, so, so much

-Written by Alec Baicher

Well Knicks fans, I wrote an article about three weeks ago to tell Knicks fans to embrace this tank because it was going to be glorious. They were coming off 3 straight losses including one to the Brooklyn Nets.  Everything seemed to go according to plan. The Knicks may actually tank their way into a top 4 pick!

Let's fast forward 3 weeks. Since this article was written, the Knicks have gone 4-7. You would think that is a recipe for a good tank, right? WRONG. Th Knicks won games against the Pacers, Pistons, Heat, and the Bulls. ALL TEAMS THAT ARE IN A PLAYOFF RACE.

I realize these are NBA players playing in games and the Knicks do have talent but winning games against potential playoff opponents is NOT good for the Knicks. This upcoming draft is loaded. I mean FILLED with studs in the top 12. However, the top 4 (presumably going to be Fultz, Ball, Josh Jackson and Tatum) are instant game changers. Knicks fans would do anything for these guys. Instead, this hopeless franchise is winning meaningless games and decreasing our odds for this. Check out the current standings below from

The Knicks play their final 4 games against the Wizards, Grizzlies, Raptors and Sixers. They NEED to go 0-4 to have a chance of having a better percentage to land in the top 4. We also may need David Stern to come out of retirement to make the ping pong balls go the Knicks way like when they landed this guy...

Can't wait for this season to end man, its been too long. Let's hope the lottery ping pong balls finally fall our way.

P.S. Once again, I hate this franchise