2017 NFL Draft Recap

Here's everything you missed from Philly this past weekend

-Written by Alec Baicher

The 2017 NFL Draft is complete. 7 rounds, 253 picks, countless undrafted free agent signings, all complete. The draft now spans from Thursday-Saturday because the NFL is greedy and wants to make a draft a primetime event and 3 day spectacle but thats for another place and time. There was a lot of action in those 3 days so here's a recap of the draft that should be vital to the average fan.

The Browns didn't do Browns things

Shocker of the century folks. The Cleveland Browns may be the worst run franchise in all of sports. Time after time their decisions in the draft and signing players have backfired. Coming into the draft, there was one consensus #1 overall pick, that was Myles Garrett. The defensive end from Texas A & M is an instant game changer. (First rounder from A&M going to Cleveland? What can go wrong?!) There was much speculation that the Browns would draft Mitchell Trubisky in the #1 spot since they lacked a franchise quarterback, but they didn't and took Garrett, traded back in the first round and took Jabril Peppers (diluted samples stand up!), and David Njoku late and got a developmental quarterback in DeShon Kizer in round #2. The Browns didn't Browns, which is amazing in itself.

Speaking of Mitchell Trubisky

I refused to call him "Mitchell." He was Mitch all of college and now his mom wants him to go by Mitchell? Get out of my face with that. I did not want the Jets to get Trubisky. The Jets had way too many holes. HOWEVER, the Chicago Bears traded a spot up to take Mitchell after they signed Mike Glennon (NFL front offices never cease to amaze me.) After Mitch was selected, his social media naturally came up right after. After seeing this tweet, I really wish Mitch was drafted by the Jets.

Same here Mitch. I'm fully on the Mitch train now. Probably my favorite NFC team now.

The Jets didn't mess up this draft

I was really expecting the Jets to blow this draft because, well, they are the Jets. However, when a guy like Jamal Adams, who was graded as a top 3 player in this draft falls to #6 overall, you take him. Just like two years ago when Leonard Williams fell to the Jets and he has been a stud for them. I'm ELATED as a Jets fan for this pick and the rest of their draft. Also, shoutout to Undrafted Free agent out of Harvard ANTHONY FIRKSER, my former high school basketball teammate for signing with the Jets as an undrafted free agent. Awesome kid that I'll absolutely be rooting my ass off to make the team so I can tell stories of how he beat me off the dribble every single time in high school basketball practice. Manalapan stand up!

Michael Jordan, I mean Deshaun Watson goes to the Texans

"If you pass on Deshaun Watson you are passing on Michael Jordan" - Dabo Sweeney. Love it. Amazing move by the National Champion's head coach to hype his guy up pre-draft. Watson was the 3rd quarterback taken behind Trubisky and Mahomes, but I would say he has the best shot to be the best QB in this draft and he torched Alabama in back to back title games. 

Dime city, population Deshaun Watson

Corey Davis wins best suit hands down

That's the suit you wear when you get taken #5 overall and are about to get PAID. 

First Team All Name Forrest Lamp goes to the Chargers

The Chargers and Lamp. Social Media guys for the Chargers must be in Heaven. Too bad their logo sucks.

First Team All Name Jake Butt goes to the Broncos

Dude is going to clean up on toilet paper advertisements 

Speaking of great names...

Here is the list of best names drafted this year

Forrest Lamp

Ryan Ramczyk

Takkarist McKinley

Ju Ju Smith-Schuster 

Cooper Kupp

Jake Butt

Adam Bisnowaty

Leon McQuay III

Swag Chad Kelly

Giants get their future quarterback in Davis Webb?

I don't think the Giants had a draft that everyone would say went amazing, but I will say I LOVE the Webb pick here. Eli is going to retire eventually (sorry Giants fans, so might as well look for his successor too. Or do I need to remind you who else is on the roster...




My guy is BACK. Swag Chad Kelly was the man in college. Pretty decent football player, his uncle is a Hall of Fame quarterback, and he just slides into Mia Khalifa's DMs like none other. 




Oh, and the reason the Broncos drafted him? John Elway called Uncle Jim and asked him about his character issues. Uncle Jim gives the thumbs up. Love it. Way to be a team player Uncle Jim. 

Anyway, I'll have more draft coverage on "Maybe Next Year" this week as I'll dive into the best and worst picks of the draft and why I'm still not excited for football season.