Noah Syndergaard Goes On The DL With Partial Lat Tear​

Someone wake me up from this nightmare

-Written by Alec Baicher

Well, I honestly don't know what to say, but I'm going to try. A little less than a week ago I wrote for Mets fans not to panic and everything will go swell. Well, after getting swept by the Braves, Yoenis Cespedes going to the DL, and now Noah Syndergaard going to the DL, I'm officially in panic mode.

I'm not only upset and depressed about Noah going on the DL, I am IRATE. The entire process of Noah having his start pushed back to him going on the DL was totally mismanaged. It was insubordinate, deplorable, troublesome, delinquent, all the above. Below is my order of blame on the entire process and the injury.

1a. Noah Syndergaard

I'm sorry Noah, you have matured vastly over the years since your sandwich eating incident in spring training, but the maturity level took a step back when he refused an MRI earlier in the week because he said "I'm fine and I know my body best." Well Noah, you were wrong about that. The move was selfish over everything. I realize he is the ace of the staff and already knows how much the Mets misdiagnose injuries so him entering the MRI tube probably wasn't something he wanted to do, but it was the move that he had to do. I had to take a look yesterday, but it was in Noah's collective bargained rights from the player association to refuse the MRI. Noah stepping on the mound yesterday hindered the team from the beginning and because doing so, he hurt himself more and left his bullpen out to dry for 8+ innings in a game that they really did need confidence wise to sweep the Nats away.

1b. Sandy Alderson and the rest of the front office

As stated right before, it is in Noah's collective bargained agreement to refuse the MRI, but Sandy had to talk Noah into taking this. Sandy was quoted as saying "I can't strap him down and take the MRI" which he is correct on. But as a respected baseball official Sandy and the rest of the front office needed to sit Noah down and explain to him the necessity for the MRI. Noah is going to be a 200+ million dollar man one day for the Mets and is going to own New York (if he doesn't already.) Sandy needed to let him know that the teams best interests for diagnosing this correctly was utmost important to himself, the organization, and the fan base. Now we just get another reason why fans of other teams deservingly laugh at the Mets organization tactics in regards to injuries.

2. Ray Ramirez

When your entire fan base knows the name of your trainer, boos the living shit out of him on Opening Day when, and fans of opposing teams know his name, it is BAD. Very bad. I honestly don't know how Ray Ramirez still has a job. It's got to be he has blackmail on the Wilpons, right? No other reason. The Mets have misdiagnosed injuries longer than I can remember and Ray Ramirez STILL has a job. If he was a real doctor, he would have been fired. At least Sandy Alderson took the first step and acknowledged that their strength and condition and training needs to be looked at....and the Mets need to hydrate more. Ray Ramirez should be giving out water bottles and orange slices on the bench I guess? Jesus,, this guy needs to go. He's been the trainer since 2004. That means 13 years he's been allowed to pull this shit. Get it together guys, fire his ass,

3. Terry Collins

Yes, it's not his fault, but we got to put some fault on Terry. He's a players manager and defends them to no end, but he really had to sit Noah down and also tell him what's right for him to do. Terry's seat has already been hot this season and losing his ace pitcher may make this seat burning hot, even if the injury was not completely his fault.

So Mets fans, I'm definitely panicking. I try to be the face of optimism for most who are not, but its tough. I still believe in this team and that they can turn it around, but it is bleak right now. Let this be the low part of the season and by August 1st, let us be full steam ahead for a post season run. #LGM

P.S. It's completely okay to buy yourself some beer/wine and cry yourself to sleep while watching the game tonight. I may or may not be doing this myself...