Mid-Week Music: Hot Salad World Playlist 5/8/17 - 5/14/17

Playlist for the week of 5/8/17-5/14/17 compiled by Hot Salad World writers.

-Written by Everyone

Vinny's Picks

Skateboard P ft. Big Sean - Madeintyo

The guy who brought you "Uber Everywhere" has a new hit named after the legend Pharrell.  This is a fun and goofy song that got a boost with the newly added Big Sean verse.

Mos Definitely - Logic

One of the best songs on Everybody. Logic straight flows for the first 2 minutes of the song before working in a refrain that celebrates black people everywhere.

Headlock ft. Offset - Cousin Stizz

I PUT THE DRINK IN A HEADLOCK.  Cousin Stizz isn't a well known guy right now, but the Boston rapper has dropped quality music consistently over the past two years.  "Headlock" is his most enjoyable and infectious yet.

Paul's Picks

The Way I Live - Baby Boy Da Prince

***THROWBACK ALERT*** If this song doesn't remind you of playing box ball at rec camp, trynna finger fuck chicks, and wearing Starbury's, then go fuck yourself.

Get Your Shit Together -Rothstein

This is actually a song by a friend of mine from college that has gotten relatively popular on Spotify.  It's far and away my favorite song by him and deserves a listen. Mellow, auto-tuney, futuristic sounding, it's pretty unique.

Sweet Like Cola - Lou Bega

Most of you only know Lou Bega by his hit song "Mambo No. 5."  I too was one of those people until my GOOD friend Howard told me Lou Bega had ANOTHER great song.  And let me tell ya, I was not disappointed.  This is a song only someone with the musical genius as Lou Bega could make.  Enjoy.

Alec's Picks

Kids (Alex Ross Remix) - OneRepublic

Another jam I stumbled upon this week. Incredible beat with catchy lyrics, this song puts me in a good mood instantly. Another great song to play at a pregame with summer around the corner.

American Country Love Song - Jake Owen

As I've previously wrote, I'm a huge country fan, especially when the weather starts to warm up. This is the perfect song to hop on your porch, crack a beer, and just vibe out. Jake Owen also has an great voice that is more pop country than regular country, but call a spade a spade, this a jam.

Fake Love - Drake

As President of the Drake Fanboy Club, gotta give love to one of my favorite songs off More Life. Yes, it is the typical Drake song that the haters feed off of, but its catchy, it has a great beat and anytime Drake sings on a record, I name it a certified jam. Chalk up a big L to the haters and losers for this one, Fake Love is a great song.

Adam's Picks

Do it Myself – Russ

I have no idea who this guy is, I just came across this album last night, but apparently he’s had songs in the Billboard 100 already. Russ has a raspy voice and seems to have a solid flow based on the few other tracks I got to so far. Go check out his debut album “There’s Really a Wolf”, shit is pretty chill.

Back at it – Rich Chigga

Who would have thought a 17 year old kid from Indonesia would be one of the most talked about rappers on the internet? When I first heard him, I did not really get the hype to start. But the more I listen, the more I am a fan. It is always awesome when a rapper spits in English as a second language, shouts to Yung Lean.

Bon Appetit ft. Migos - Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s sexy vocals combined with Migos signature adlibs, what more could you want? Although the Migos’ only have a couple lines each, they add just enough to the song to give it a cool twist. Offset and Takeoff even made the cut!

Rice's Picks

The Republic may be going to shit, but thousands of college kids across America are rightly focused on the fact that it’s Spring Fling season. Do I go with a sleeveless tee? A Hawaiian shirt perhaps? Did we find a good spot for keg kickball? And which pair of Sunnies will I look coolest in? You know, the important stuff.

My three entries to the playlist this week hearken back to my own spring fling glory days. I can, however, call on only two years’ worth of spring fling experiences. Freshmen year, after an exhausting morning of spring fitness testing for the soccer team and post-testing kickball – as was the tradition at the time –  I napped through the entire concert. The headliner was Big K.R.I.T, so I’m not really super upset about it. And I missed Chance the Rapper junior year while studying abroad (I’m a bit more bummed about this one).

Endless Fantasy –  Anamanaguchi

Anamanaguchi (a real name, though I called them Anamanamanamanamanamana-guchi) are an American electronic band. They served as the warm-up act for Kendrick Lamar my sophomore year and were likely the best warm-up act of any spring fling I attended. Their calling card is that they use the sound chips found in old computers and video game consoles as part of their music. Essentially, their music sounds like it was ripped straight out of a Pokémon Game Boy game – and it’s kind of awesome. “Endless Fantasy” has a bit more of a mainstream electronic sound, but songs like “Jetpack Blues Sunset Hues” and “Aurora” more prominently feature the video games sounds and eclectic flair of the band.

Swimming Pools (Drank) – Kendrick Lamar

 Unlike the above band, you’ve heard of Kendrick. Kendrick Lamar was definitely blowing up by the Spring of 2013, but was still at the point in his career where he wanted/needed to play a show in an ice hockey rink on a rainy day in early May at a liberal arts college in suburban Connecticut. But, it was still an awesome performance. And while, in my opinion, he has better songs than this, the de facto call-and-response in “Swimming Pools” got the crowd into his performance more than any other track during his set.

Birthday Sex – Jeremih

Jeremih is not a headliner. Jeremih is the guy that gets brought on for like a 30-second cameo for his feature during a more famous person’s set. People were confused when the Spring Fling Committee announced when Jeremih was announced as the headliner my “senior” year (I was technically on leave for brain recovery this semester). But, it happened to be warm and sunny the day of the concert, so that’s always a plus. And, he was generous enough to perform a good lap-dance or two on a couple women from the audience during his performance of “Birthday Sex”. That’s why “Birthday Sex” made it into the playlist. That, and it’s basically one of Jeremih’s remotely famous songs. Don’t judge.