The 2008 Boston Celtics Had a Mini Reunion and Ray Allen Was Not Invited

Pettiness at its finest.

-Written by Alec Baicher

2 nights ago, Kevin Garnett invited many former Celtics to sit in on his "Area 21" show on TNT during the NBA Playoffs. Garnett was joined by fellow 2008 ring-holders Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Glenn Big Baby Davis and Kendrick Perkins. There was one glaring omission from the gang, and it wasn't Brian Scalabrine or Scott Pollard (both were glaring omissions in my eyes tbh,) it was that Ray Allen, an original "Big 3" member didn't get the invite.

Now, as many of you who have read the blog or listened to my podcast, you know my disdain for Boston and Philadelphia as sports towns. Absolutely HATE both of them. However, "Area 21"  two nights ago was gold. The Celtics are still legitimately pissed at Ray Allen.

We all knew rumors of the love lost with KG, PP, and the gang when Allen left, but we didn't know it was THAT bad. KG and other were legitimately pissed off he went to Miami. Miami was the enemy and those Celtics/Heat series wer INTENSE back in the day when they were trying to take down King James, Wade and Bosh. KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen were the original Big 3. Knowing the competitors that KG and PP were, they were pissed that the title they started went directly to LeBron, Wade, and Bosh...BEFORE THEY WON A RING. It had to irritate them. Ray was a silent assassin for the most part. However, when he was a free agent and had a chance to come back to Boston, (for MORE money than the Heat) he spurned the C's for South Beach and apparently never notified his Big 3 companions on it. KG stated "It was more than basketball for was a sour breakup." and to this day, I don't think they've spoken, as you see the way the team talked about how Ray was a backstabber when he went to Miami. 

Ray Allen has always stated he doesn't care what the Celtics did without him or said about him because he was at peace with his decision. Here's an update about Ray Allen apparently not caring about the Celtics the morning after:

Honestly, I think its pretty funny seeing grown ass men so butt hurt about Ray going to the team they wanted to beat so badly all the time. And then Ray did this...

If you weren't in your local Applebee's when Ray Allen hit this shot than you didn't live.

UPDATE: Ray Allen has stated his social media was hacked when this was posted. And this isn't the first time he's been hacked....

Shooters shoot...right Ray?

Let us all hope this feud continues so Ray gets hacked more often.

P.S. Paul Pierce was SUPER high during this broadcast. Retirement life for an NBA All-Timer must be nice. Shades on and the wheelchair was also a nice touch.