Steve Harvey Has Set Amazing Ground Rules For Final Season

TL;DR Don't Approach Steve Harvey Ever

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

With the final season of The Steve Harvey Show underway, Steve Harvey has felt it was appropriate to set some new rules for his staff.  You can read the whole list below: 

Oh my god, I love this list so much.  Even if you think this list is a bit harsh (which it is) don't you wish you had the power to enforce these rules at every job you ever had?  Any time Jane from accounting wanted to talk to you she would have to set an appointment.  No running into you at the water cooler, no nothing.  Want to ask me if I can send an email? Nope, you gotta make an appointment for that. Want to ask if I've made progress on the most recent project? Can't discuss unless you've made an appointment.

Also love that he specifically hates when people try to talk to him in the hallway.  I'm honestly scared for the first intern to forget the sacred rules and ask Steve a question in the hallway.  Lord have mercy on that kids soul, cause Steve ain't fuckin' around.

For now on, I'll only be talking to people if they make appointment's with me.  Expect long delays.