I'm Out On Jolly Rancher Flavored Pop-Tarts

Can't Swing This One Guys.

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

Is nothing sacred anymore?  How come things can't be separate anymore?  Why does everything have to be fusion? Why can't something just exist as it is?

Just look at the inside "jelly" or whatever it's called.  It's NEON.  It looks like you can set it on fire.  Is that what you want?   A pop tart on fire?

Let me double down on this by saying that all the current fruit flavors of pop tarts are TRASH.  ESPECIALLY compared to the s'mores, hot fudge sundaes, the cookie dough flavors of the world.

I will personally be boycotting these abominations, and DEMAND better flavors.  THE WORLD NEEDS IT!