Lucky Charms Is Giving Out 10,000 Marshmallow Only Boxes

I'm Feelin' Lucky Baby!

-Written by Paul Gogliormella

That's right.  Lucky Charms is giving out an EXCLUSIVE marshmallow only boxes, (A.K.A diabetes in a box) to 10,000 lucky winners.  Don't believe me?  Check the VERIFIED tweet

Here's how you can win one: 1.) Buy a specially marked Lucky Charms box. 2) Enter the code from the box on the Lucky Charms website. 3.) See if you win.

You know how much money Lucky Charms is going to make off this?  I'm thinking about finally cashing in all my Bar Mitzvah money to buy enough boxes to have a fighting chance.  Gotta be in it to win, you know what I mean?  So if the general population is anything like me, expect Lucky Charms stocks to SKY ROCKET.